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Regole e tutele del Diritto Di Autore su opere fotografiche, in particolare sui Social Network, con gli amici del Foto Cine Club.

Ringrazio il Presidente Nicola Loviento per il gradito invito e la stimolante idea di confrontarci su queste tematiche.

Brevi interviste con esperti del settore per capire come affrontare il futuro, ma soprattutto il presente. 
Avvocato specializzato in proprietà intellettuale, si occupa principalmente di Fashion e Advertising Law applicata ai Social Network e Influencer, che segue sin dalla nascita del settore, e ha gestito, tutelato e valorizzato la crescita di alcuni tra i più importanti influencer al mondo.

Washington D.C., Museum of The Bible, Conference Hall | February 2020 Memories of last trip to US before started this crazy time for the world. I’ve had the privilege to speak about the impact of the Holy Bible in the society and in particular about some crucial principles from bible useful in the legal field and courts.

Washington, D.C. – 68th National Prayer Breakfast

Memories of last week trip to US.

The Fashion Law Winter School 2020, UniSannio, February 2020

Few weeks later, world would have been facing what we live now, a pandemic that change our lives and habits. So, to me that conference – flawlessly hosted by Prof. Casucci and UniSannio- has been memorable because was one of the latest i attended – the last one in Italy – as speaker in presence on a topic, Fashion Law and New Media, very important to me. In that conference I had the opportunity to anticipate and speak about topics that will be soon detailed in a scientific book upcoming next week. So, i’m so excited to soon reveal a work i invested most of my energies of last two years. 

Andrea Bocelli Foundation, NEW YORK CITY, Christmas 2019.

What an unforgettable week!

We had the privilege to support a very important cause joining Andrea Bocelli Foundation for a Charity Lunch organized really well by Alessandro Iovino.

HOSPITALITY DAY 2019, Palacongressi Rimini. Hospitality and Travel with over 6.000 people coming for listening and debate marketing, financial and legal issues and speakings.It is always a pleasure speaking about legal and business issues related to InfluencerMarketing and NewMediaParticularly, I spoke about the disruptive phenomenon that bond the FamilyInfluencer and Travel creating a huge value for the travel and hospitality industry because – Inter Alia – they have the power of #Authentic and Consistent Storytelling letting the followers be more identified with the experience aspiring to do the same.

STANFORD LAW SCHOOL, Palo Alto, California
Memories of last month trip to SiliconValley.
Unforgettable moments spent at StanfordLawSchool where I had the honor to speak around IP and Tech topics and debate about that with the brightest minds from all around the world.
I had also the chance to visit and learn from #Apple and #Facebook legal teams.
It’s been inspiring see (and ask many questions too) how they face (and solve) problems and organize all their work.

Engaging speaking during the 27th IP Law and Policy Conference here at Fordham University School of Law by Professor Susan Scafidi – Fashion Law Institute Founder and Academic Director – related to LegalFakes and its implications in Fashion Industry trying to find new options for updating protection of well-known trademark under Art. 6bis of Paris Convention in order to – Inter Alia – obtain injunctions more easily.

Attending the 27th IP Law and Policy conference here at Fordham University School of Law, So exciting!

WASHINGTON D.C. A saturday off, before coming back home, allowed me to visit the symbols of the unity, strength and wisdom of US.

Indeed, the monument, built to honor the 16th President A. Lincoln, has been – inter alia – the site, in August 28th, 1963, where Martin Luther King delivered the famous speech “I have a dream”.

It’s been a very busy week, absorbed by many projects, meetings and institutional events.

Above all, indeed, truly grateful to God for having had the privilege to be among many leaders and authorithies all around the world, attending the National Prayer Breakfast, expression of how – inter alia- who held the power, declare publicly to put anything under the control of God, with faith and awareness of His perfect will!

I’m truly honored to have been a guest speaker at Momketing Conference last week in Stelline Foundation. Thank you Paolo Prestinari for inviting me and giving the opportunity to speak about Influencer and related legal and business issues. Moms – and parents more broadly – have become a powerful media for brands in order to achieve their goals in marketing and communications and related opportunities are rapidly increasing, particularly for those who chose influencers who do sponsored campaigns with brands and products that they really love and would choose for their family. For this reason, to me, it has been a great honor – felt so proud – to speak along with my wife who presented her case study recently object of study even by IL SOLE 24 ORE (most important paper in Italy for business and marketing) that has highlighted as she, often, turn down opportunities to work and being paid because she doesn’t love the products and she wouldn’t want any of her followers to thing everything is forced by money. 

Washington Marriott Wardman Park – NIAF – Oct ’18
Unforgettable experience last night during NIAF Gala for celebrating Italian heritage. I’ve had the chance to compliment President of Confidustria, Vincenzo Boccia, especially for his work among young entrepreneurs and his attention to digital transformation.

The George Washington University Law School – D.C. – Oct ’18
Great experience yesterday at George Washington University Law School, met a bunch of smart and inspiring people. It’s always a real pleasure meeting those who are committed for making the difference. Overwhelmed also by the affection of the students i had the pleasure to meet and greet.

These days we celebrate Regione Puglia and his excellences! The photos are a bit blurred but i chose anyway to post it because they couldn’t convey any better my profound bond with my homeland. Indeed, i was strongly impressed by speech of the Governor of Puglia Michele Emiliano who stirred up some feelings about my heritage.
I told him I’m ready to give my support and contribution to spread the brand Puglia worldwide so to attract investors and people who can add value ethically to the region. 

Columbus Day – Consulate General of Italy in New York – Oct ’18
Inspiring night yesterday at Consulate General of Italy in NYC for the Celebration of “Columbus Day”. Thanks to Consul General Francesco Genuardi, a real gentleman, for hosting and letting this happen. Inter Alia, i met many brilliants and passionate people and creative minds that made me proud of Italy and Italians.

Today, at the CAOG conference, i have had the privilege to meet and listen John David Ashcroft who served his country – inter alia – as the 79th U.S. Attorney General.
Blessed by his powerful speech about leadership and governance.
Among many wises words, some impressed me particularly:

“Governance sets the minimum of our life. Leadership is about maximum (The highest best we can do)”

IP & Architecture conference – Trevi (Pg) – July 2018
It was a real pleasure and honor to be able to talk in Trevi in a beautiful setting and to share with a curious audience the fascinating challenges that technologies and new media place before the professions. Today, it is no longer possible to fall behind. Communication on new media is increasingly essential. I spoke about what are the challenges and opportunities that can be grasped but also – and above all – the precautions necessary to avoid incurring violations of laws and professional ethic.

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” (I. Newton) Unforgettable meeting with Charles Poliquin, best strength and mental coach worldwide who trained 800+ olympians and medalists in 22+ disciplines (who gained 28+ OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL) and today also helps thousands of businessmen worldwide to be more educated, focused and successful.

Reichstag Building, Bundestag – Berlin – June 2018
#InternationBerlinGathering2018 #PrayerBreakfast
Positive meeting and discussion with African political leaders (In the photo from left Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso leader) that let us understand how to better interact and help them to improve the lives of people there and reduce significantly immigration. Above all, on the basis of Christian values, Europe and Africa can grow together in the long run to form a mutually beneficial community.

Palermo University – StartupCourse – June 2018
Honored to have spoken, inter alia, about Influencer,
Social Media and related business and legal issues at the in partnership with Faculty of Law, Palermo University.

Reichstag Building, Bundestag – Berlin – June 2018
#InternationBerlinGathering2018 #PrayerBreakfast
Positive meeting and discussion with African political leaders (In the photo from left Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso leader) that let us understand how to better interact and help them to improve the lives of people there and reduce significantly immigration. Above all, on the basis of Christian values, Europe and Africa can grow together in the long run to form a mutually beneficial community.

Fordham University, School of law – New York City – April 2018
Awesome experience in a stimulating environment here at Fordham University, School of Law for the 26th annual IP conference. Thanks to Professor Hansen and his brilliant team of students for the flawless organization and hospitality #FashionLaw #IPLaw

Bologna University, Faculty of Law – Bologna – November 2017
Memories of the conference at annual Legal Tech Forum – IP Protection to speak about Influencer Marketing and related legal issues.
#FashionLaw #IPLaw

Thanks to Kopjra for the flawless organization

LUISS University, Faculty of Law – Rome – March 2017
Precious memories of conference “Fashion law and personal branding”
Amazed by positive energy and enthusiasm of Luiss Law Students.
Thanks to All Around student association for the flawless organization and LUISS Guido Carli for hosting us.

Senate of the Italian Republic – Rome – October 2016
Creative minds at the Senate of the Republic for a pleasant and constructive exchange of ideas with Senator and Questore Lucio Malan, Editor-In-Chief of “Il Messaggero” Umbria Marco Brunacci and Top Influencer and entrepreneur Mariano Di Vaio

Senate of the Italian Republic – Rome – October 2016
“People may hear your words but they feel your attitude.” Conference about Trasformational Leadership. It was such an honor met John C Maxwell. Thanks to Senator Lucio Malan and Alessandro Iovino for hosting