“People may hear your words but they feel your attitude.”

Memories of last week conference about #TrasformationalLeadership. It was such an honor met @JohnCMaxwell Thanks to Senator and Questore Lucio Malan and Alessandro Iovino for hosting.

Some notes about the conference

Boss says “I”, LEADER says “We”! 

The Four Pillars of Leadership

  • 1: I want to make the difference in a positive way. How can i improve the lives of people around me?

Passion for transforming positively others in order to high the level and add value to the other. Instead, Bad leaders adds value to theirselves!

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, former US president, once said that every people are born with the desire to change the word. But a Leader doesn’t have the desire only, he speak about that.

So, a very strong desire is the first step.

  • 2: I want to make a difference with people that want to make a difference.

One and only one is a very little number to achieve a goal. If we would like to climb the Everest, you cannot do that on your own.

To have an impact on the lives of the people, to make dream comes true, you have to team up with someone!

  • 3: Doing something that really makes the difference.

Teach them how to lead. Leadership implies multiply and let others grow. Equip others leaders and teach them real techniques and values of leadership!

M. Gandhi “you must be the change you want to see in the world”

Change has to be inside yourself first and then, naturally become contagious.

I will tell you a story: Guatemala’s most important banks and its 13,000 employees divided into 6/8 round tables to learn leadership. After this, the bank’s profit rose by 72% in a year.

Honesty, integrity, being industrious, sacrifice pays off.

The economy of each nation can incredibly rise if they lived and learned these values of leadership.
  • 4: The moment you make the difference. The Value of time and timing

Leader can never take people or time for granted. Today is the time!