Excited to have been invited at Annual international gathering in Berlin, honored that Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble, President of the German Bundestag, have invited me along with other few Italians for a noble and divine cause.


First of all a warm thanks to my special friend and brother Alessandro Iovino for heartily endorsing me!

Many topics have been discussed during those day but one in particular have impressed myself.

The one about Africa, a burden or Hope for Europe?

This is also the title of an inspiring book by Rudolf Decker, former MP and Dean of Prayer Breakfast in Europe, who spent his life – inter alia – to help Africa and African leaders to better make the difference for their countries.

Nowadays this topic is very hot and exchange ideas and discussing with African political leaders (In the photo from left Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso leader) let us understand how to better interact and help them to improve the lives of people there and reduce significantly immigration.

Above all, on the basis of Christian values, Europe and Africa can grow together in the long run to form a mutually beneficial community.

Before leaving we were impressed by an other scene that happened before our eyes. Leaders from Center African Republic that pray for their country hand in hand.